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of enforcement in the future. >> reporter: the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows nearly two-thirds of americans favor granting citizenship to those who are here illegally and now hold jobs. on gun control, rubio defended his opposition to the proposed bill which expands background checks. >> they are highly ineffective in terms of accomplishing the following goal -- that is to protect the right of law abiding citizens to possess weapons and they're ineffective at keeps guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals. >> reporter: today joe manchin >>> a democratic senator, who co-authored the compromise praised republican susan collins who told nbc news exclusively after meeting with newtown families she plans to vote for it. >> for her to take that courageous stand in the state of maine that has a tremendous amount of gun ownership, like west virginia, i think it will make my other friends and colleagues both on the democratic and republican side take a little pause. >> reporter: also today, a gun rights group, the citizen committee for the right to keep and bear arms, broke w
waiting to see how pope francis tackles the many pressing issues facing the catholic church. nbc news, london. >>> as you heard, the pope singled out north and south korea in his prayers today. with good reason there, tensions there escalating. just this weekend, north korea said the two countries were quote in a state of war." ian williams continues to follow all of this for us from south korea tonight. >> reporter: you know, peter, a strange thing happened today. there were no new blood curdling threats from the young north korean leader. until now the violent rhetoric threatening death and destruction on south korea and the u.s. has been ratcheted up on an almost daily basis. perhaps kim jong-un has run out of things to say or the north's leader is taking heat over growing international alarm. only yesterday the north warned that the korean peninsula had entered what it called a state of war. for the first time since he took over from his father, kim today chaired a meeting of the central committee of the ruling workers party. the start of the spring session of the rubber stamp ass
there is too much diagnosis and too much medication. robert bazell, nbc news, new haven, connecticut. >>> there is fear and anger in kaufman county, texas, after the murder of a district attorney and his wife over the weekend. mike mclelland is the second prosecutor in the area killed in as many months. this comes in the wake of the murder of colorado's prison chief last month. investigators say they are examining any and all leads. gabe gutierrez is with us from kaufman county texas, tonight. gabe, good evening. >> reporter: brian, good evening. according to a search warrant released this afternoon, police are looking at several things including -- and they say that the d.a. and his wife were shot multiple times. they are now subpoenaing cell phone records looking for clues. so far there is no evidence to definitively link any of the murders. today under the watchful eye of armed guards employees reported for work. >> definitely concerned. >> reporter: that concern comes as a manhunt is under way for a killer. district attorney mike mclelland and his wife cynthia were found shot to
then after that, wm up ll ght. >>> "nbc niy news" next.en mloci >>> onhis saturday night, turning point. hinaelp the u.s. nort a to b wn as the world anticipates the regime's next move? tonight, andrea mitchell reports from beijing. >>> miracle at sea. jet liner crashes and breaks in two, everyone on board survives. >>> fight over guns, on the streets and on capitol hill. an emotional plea from a newtown mother as another republican senator comes out in support of expanded background checks. >>> and the legacy of a pioneering american athlete. our look at the new film about the life and times of jackie robinson. >>> hello, everyone. as we come on the air this evening in the u.s., dawn has broken on another new day in north korea. and the world braces once again for the test of a north korean medium range missile that we have been expecting all week. but in an important new development tonight, china has agreed to step in the middle to try to reign in north korea's threats and ambitions. john kerry has been hopscotching across asia in an effort to dial back tensions. andrea mitchel
, a special nbc news correspondent, talked to john yang for the "today" show. >> as a daughter, i very much want her to make the right choice for herself. i know that will be the right choice for our country. >> reporter: until hillary decides, all the other democratic hopefuls can only watch and wait. andrea mitchell, nbc news, washington. >>> kansas appears set to enact one of the country's most restrictive abortion laws after lawmakers passed a sweeping bill on the issue. the measure declares that life begins at fertilization, blocks tax breaks for abortion providers, and bans abortions that are based only on the gender of the fetus. governor sam brownback is expected to sign the bill. >>> not a week goes by, it seems, without reports of a new sinkhole that threatens a home or an entire neighborhood. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more on what seems like a sinkhole epidemic. >> reporter: they seem to be everywhere. a neighborhood in ohio. a road in kentucky. a beach in new jersey. >> and then all the sand just came right down and just sucked me in. i mean, i couldn't move. >> reporter: earlier
in this case, he could face life in prison. janet shamlian, nbc news, houston. >>> and there are new developments tonight in the boston bombings investigation involving the car used by the suspects and what investigators are now saying about their mother. we'll get the latest from nbc's michelle franzen in boston. >> reporter: nbc news has learned that although early accounts focus largely on the stolen suv, investigators are also focusing on a second vehicle. a green honda used by the bombing suspects on the day of the manhunt and fatal shooting of m.i.t. officer sean collier in cambridge. in an affidavit, federal authorities say the suspects carjacked a vehicle. police say a mercedes suv, following the shooting when they were riding together during the chase that ended in watertown, but in photographs obtained by nbc news and eyewitness accounts, a green honda was also spotted at the scene in watertown along with the black suv. in nearby bedford friday, investigators also searched a landfill. police say they were looking for dzhokhar tsarnaev's laptop and receipts for fireworks use
in print. >> reporter: a voice he used to spread his love of film to fans everywhere. john yang, nbc news, chicago. >> roger ebert gone tonight at the age of 70. >>> when we continue here this evening, the disconcerting story we have discovered about the invasion under way of u.s. banks and how they are being hit from overseas including just today. >>> and later, today's solemn anniversary. millions of americans remember where they were when they heard the news 45 years ago tonight. >>> back now as promised with our nbc news investigation tonight into a sustained series of attacks into this nation's online banking system. it started last fall. it has escalated month after month. the most recent attack came today against wells fargo. the questions, of course, who's responsible, what does it mean for the safety of americans' bank accounts? we get some answers tonight from nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: the attacks have been relentless. week after week the nation's biggest banks' online sites -- among them citibank, chase, wells fargo, bank of america -- paralyzed by hackers. customers who
to iran. north korea shows off its weapons, at least in part it seems, for cash. richard engel, nbc news, seoul. >>> our chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell has also just arrived in seoul tonight. that's because secretary of state john kerry is due to arrive just hours from now. andrea, with things so hot, it seems almost quaint, a throwback to ask if there could be diplomatic talks, a diplomatic solution to this. >> reporter: i think the key to everything is china. we don't know really what kim jong un really wants. but the view is that maybe this is just, as richard has been reporting, trying to show off his military strength and possibly leading to economic reform. china is the only country that can pressure him. secretary kerry was in london meeting with all the foreign ministers, even the russians getting on board on this. and, brian, they are all saying he's got to come here to seoul. they hope he can try to reinforce the commitment to the south koreans so they will not do anything precipitous. if there is an attack they won't retaliate. that's the hope. then on to
that the brothers carjacked an suv thursday night and held the car's owner at gunpoint. he tells nbc news tonight that he escaped when they stopped at a gas station. he described them as "brutal and cautious." he asked that we not identify him, and he declined an on-camera interview, lester. >> pete, it is our understanding criminal charges are being prepared as we speak but there are some on capitol hill who want to ramp this up to an act of war. what other options are there in terms of charging this young man? >> well, he's going to be charged in civilian court. and even the republicans on -- in congress say that they understand that. what they want the government to do is declare him an enemy combatant simply for the purpose of questioning and then turning him back over to civilian authorities for the trial. but tonight the justice department says that's not going to happen. >> all right, pete williams tonight, thank you. >>> as authorities search for answers, they are turning more of their attention to a trip the older brother made last year to the russian republics of chechnya and dagestan,
tell nbc news they believe the north can put a nuclear weapon on a missile, that they have missiles, deliverable nukes, but not ones that could go more than 1,000 miles and reach the united states or south asia. but south korea and u.s. forces there would be in range. and today the north severed a crucial tie with the south, turning away trucks and workers from the kaesong industrial park. a rare joint effort inside north korea that until now had been allowed to continue. in seoul where people tried to shrug off the crisis, there are deep concerns. polls say two-thirds of south koreans want this country to have nuclear weapons. but that would spark an immediate crisis with the north and the risk of nuclear proliferation across asia. secretary of state kerry coming here next week is already sending a message. >> the last thing the world needs is more nuclear nations. >> reporter: but south koreans worry about the new young leader in the north. north korea can't realize its threat to attack the mainland united states with a nuclear weapon, but does have more capacity than u.s. officia
in newtown, connecticut. and surrounded by family members of the newtown victims. nbc news chief white house correspondent chuck todd traveling with the president with us tonight from west hartford, connecticut. chuck, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. the white house believes this is their last best chance to do something meaningful to reform america's gun laws. the president used this speech in west hartford to make a powerful plea to washington. on a mission to rekindle the emotional spark that connected newtown with america in december, the president renewed his plea for gun control. >> this is not about politics. this is about doing the right thing for all the families who are here that have been torn apart by gun violence. >> reporter: mr. obama invoked the suffering of the families of the newtown victims. >> and newtown, we want you to know that we are here with you. we will not walk away from the promises we have made. we are as determined as ever to do what must be done. >> reporter: many of the families made their own emotional pleas sunday night on "60 minutes." >> e
. >>> and when "nbc nightly news" continues on this saturday, as boston breathes a sigh of relief, heightened alerts of public events around the country today. >>> and later, states of emergency as major flooding hits the midwest. 000 the relief that this frightening chapter may be over has not erased the sense of vulnerability that this brought on, a reminder terror can strike anywhere, anytime, and the response was evident today at public events throughout the country. michelle franzen has that story for us tonight. >> reporter: at the run apalooza in asbury park, runners started the day with bomb sniffing dogs and police patrols. unprecedented measures for a foot race in this historic jersey shore town. >> we made sure public safety was a paramount situation here. >> reporter: all around the country, recreational events are on parallel track with a nation on guard. in california at the annual long beach grand prix, more manpower and vigilance to handle the 170,000 spectators attending the celebrity charity race. >> i do think the police presence is necessary. >> reporter: security experts
. nbc news has confirmed that russian authorities in the initial days after the bombing here in boston reached out to u.s. authorities and told them back in 2011 that russian authorities had actually had a wiretapped conversation that they had recorded between tamerlan tsarnaev and his mother and a conversation where the russians say where they discussed jihad. this conversation, authorities tell us, say there is no link or connection at this time to the bombings here in boston but investigators are still tracking leads here and overseas. a key focus for investigators centers on tamerlan's tsarnaev's visit to dagestan in 2012 and what he did during his six-month stay. authorities tell nbc news they are weighing russian reports on what they learned about tamerlan while he was visiting family. big question sunday for lawmakers, whether tamerlan received training during his trip. >> i suspect that ultimately we're going to conclude that a lot of the radicalization took place before the trip, that these brothers particularly the older brother, were more self-radicalized, online sources wer
and frustration has gone viral in tweets to nbc news. the only reason they want to fix the airport is so they won't be delayed home, says one. another says it's a disgrace and everyone is tired of broken government. before leaving town, members of congress offered congratulations. >> it's nice to know when we work together we really can solve problems. >> reporter: and accusations. >> we are here because of a colossal failure of leadership. >> reporter: the white house said it's not enough. >> this is a band-aid covering a massive wound to the economy. >> we hear a lot of complaints from readers that this is a dysfunctional government that seems unable to address the nation's biggest problems in a way that makes sense. when things go wrong they mostly blame one another. >> reporter: so while there is money now for air traffic controllers congress hasn't addressed money for headstart, meals on wheels, fda inspectors. brian, today the army chief of staff said they had to suspend 80% of training because of the sequester. only troops going to afghanistan are now being fully trained. >> your governmen
, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >>> this crash brings back horrifying memories for a mother. her daughter was killed three years ago while driving in a neighborhood a few miles away from yesterday's crash. her daughter died on impact after being hit during a race in 2009. snowe was 20 years old at the time and driving home after buying milk and cookies. she wishes parents would teach their teens cars are not toys. >> a car is like a loaded gun to me. you have an accelerator. that is the trigger. if you pull the trigger and shoot, it's the same as driving a car. >> two men, 19 and 22 got the maximum sentence for killing her. >>> a 45 minute chase ends with a damaged patrol car and two people in custody on the peninsula. it started around 9:30 this morning in the santa cruz mountains and came to an end on 280 in redwood city. police in santa cruz began searching for a gray honda involved in a hit and run. the honda was spotted by sheriff's deputies who were able to flatten the car tires and arrest the man and woman inside. the car had been stolen in san jose. >>> san jose's acting
. specifically what the older brother did there when he went home for a six-month period. nbc news london-based correspondent adrian mong went to the russian republic of dagestan and spoke with the suspect's father. >> reporter: half a world away from boston, anzar tsarnaev struggles to understand. he cannot believe his boys were behind the carnage in boston. the last time he spoke to them was thursday night, three days after the bombings. i asked, how are things, he said. like it was any other normal conversation. anzar calls dzhokhar an innocent child and described tamerlan as a gifted boxer but gentle and homesick. he said during tamerlan's visit last year he talked about moving back. but if tamerlan had become alienated in america, angry or radicalized his father said he didn't see it. and tamerlan was already religious here, visiting a mosque every day, one many say has ties to radical islam. >> they have arrested people from this mosque, said this man, a government security adviser. anzar would not discuss tamerlan's religious beliefs. his mother was too upset to appear on camera. t
safety and develop a security plan, something it says most schools lack. pete williams, nbc news, washington. >>> at the white house today, president obama announced a major research project to unlock the mysteries of the human brain. the $100 million initiative would fund pure scientific research and produce leads toward treating brain disorders from autism and strokes to alzheimer's. scientists say they welcome the chance to spend money on research at a time when science budgets are getting squeezed. but it's not clear whether congress will actually approve this spending. >>> the state attorney general in arkansas is now investigating the break of an exxon mobil pipeline that sent thousands of gallons of crude oil flowing down the street into a residential neighborhood over easter weekend. the leak is bringing a lot of attention to our national network of pipelines, and re-igniting debate over another notable pipeline project. our report tonight from our chief environmental affairs correspondent anne thompson. >> reporter: from the air, it looks like a dark stain on this neighb
bombing investigation. tonight nbc news is reporting the surviving suspect is communicating with investigators with handwritten responses. 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev is unable to speak because of a throat wound. nbc news's pete williams says the suspect is being questioned for brief periods. we don't yet know what he's telling investigators through those written messages. we're also learning the justice department will not file charges against him today as previously thought. that may happen tomorrow. also in boston today, many people stopped to remember the victims and reflect on what has been an overwhelming week in their city. nbc bay area's jay gray has been following the bombings and the aftermath. he has the latest. >> reporter: good evening. investigators continue to clear out areas inside the crime scene, and as more of this city now begins to open, many today were drawn here to the area near egs whe est where it happened ♪ >> reporter: sometimes there's a strength in simply being together. >> people are going to have to band together and be with their loved one
. they are watching closely and hoping that doesn't happen. robert frizell, nbc news, new york. >>> head basketball coach mike rice was fired, and director tim pernetti resigned after news emerged of abusive behavior by rice over some of his players. rice will receive $1 million as part of his contract. pernetti will receive over a million dollars for resigning as part of the settlement. >>> it's known as swatting and it's become an alarming trend. a series of 911 calls creating a series of incidents at the homes of celebrities. a string of them this week prompting response teams to respond in force. >> reporter: friday afternoon, emergency responders rushed to actress' saline a gomez' home after a 911 caller claimed gomez' father shot her mother and is threatening to burn the home down. over two hours earlier, a breakin was reported at the home of justin timberlake. both reports false alarms, as was the call thursday to rihanna's home and wednesday to shawn koems' home. >> they're becoming increasingly common here in hollywood. law enforcement officials say they're a waste of time. they take away
of terrorist activity. a u.s. official tells nbc news russian authorities passed along information to the cia stating both tamerlan and his mother were showing signs of increasing radicalization. >> they are already talking about that we are terrorists. i am terrorist. >> reporter: accusations the mother denies. meanwhile, nbc news has learned that although early accounts focused largely on the stolen suv, investigators are also focusing on a second vehicle. a green honda used by the bombing suspects on the day of the manhunt and fatal shoots of mit officer sean collier in cambridge. in an aft, federal authorities say the suspects carjacked a vehicle. police say a mercedes suv following the shooting when they were riding together during the chase that ended in watertown. but in photos obtained by nbc news and eyewitness accounts, a green honda was also spotted at the scene in watertown along with the black suv. in copley square saturday, bombing survivor leanne yawny was recently released from the hospital and didn't let her leg injury keep her from visiting the makeshift memorial. >> it's am
corporate america decided it can get by with fewer employees? tom costello, nbc news, washington. >>> now at the same time today details of president obama's budget proposal for the coming year were making the rounds. they include changes to social security and medicare that will hit seniors. that drew fire from democrats in washington. didn't do much to sway republicans. we get more from our chief white house correspondent chuck todd. >> reporter: for the first time in the obama presidency a white house-proposed budget would slow the growth of medicare and social security, an idea many democrats call a cut. mindful of this the white house tried to soften the blow. >> not the president's ideal approach to our budget challenges. but it is a serious compromise proposition. >> reporter: the president will propose smaller cost of living adjustments to social security. in washington-speak, it's known as chain cpi. it would reduce benefit payments to seniors in the future. this idea is part of a deliberate effort to entice republicans back to the negotiating table on a larger budget deal that w
policeman in cambridge and they were the boston marathon bombers. >> pete williams, nbc news justice correspondent, thank you very much. we're going to bring in now senior executive producer for nbc's investigative unit, richard esposito. a fluid and changing situation. it sounds as if dzhokah tsarnaev may be holed up in a house. how do investigators handle this at this point? his uncle was out in public making a statement saying his father told abc news that he thought his son should surrender. what are the negotiations like in this situation? >> as pete said, it had been fluid and fast-moving and now it's slowed down. and slowing it down is what you do when you're going to negotiate with somebody. they'll try to find pressure points, they'll talk to his relatives, find his associates. they'll look to see what is it that we can use as leverage to get him to surrender. to not blow himself up. to not blow the house up. to not use police as a means of suicide. so they'll look for all of those methods of reaching him. and trying to bring him out alive. whatever, whatever it is that they
exchange. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams has the very latest. >> at 2:38 last monday afternoon, 11 minutes before the first bomb goes off the fbi says, a surveillance camera catches dzhokhar tsarnaev and tamerlan tsarnaev walking towards the finish line with backpacks, a second and crucial piece of video, the fbi says, comes from a surveillance camera mounted on this restaurant. at 2:42, court documents say the still unreleased video shows dzhokhar tsarnaev with a backpack walked towards the scene of a second bombing. at 2:45, he slips his backpack off. still photos show the backpack on the ground at his feet. when the first bomb goes off, the fbi says, the video shows the crowd looking towards the finish line in alarm. but the fbi says tsarnaev virtually alone among the individuals in front of the strauvent appears calm. he walks away, it says, without his backpack, and ten seconds later, the second bomb goes off in the spot where he left the backpack. the fbi says both the marathon bombs were made with pressure cookers and metal bee-bees. they contained hobby fuse s
of boston. to the aid of the people of boston. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. now the investigation in boston is moving. after a day of fits and starts and several false reports, it appears that from a mountain of evidence has emerged an image, a series of images that likely show the bomber that police are looking for. parts of boston are still shut down. it was another jittery day there after a bomb threat at the federal courthouse this afternoon. this is the bombing scene tonight. we have learned more about the devices themselves as this case, as we said, now picks up speed. while the fbi is urging caution and asking for patience especially from the news media, it appears they have pictures of their suspect. our justice correspondent pete williams has been following the investigation all day. he's in our d.c. newsroom tonight. pete, good evening. >> reporter: brian, good evening. the fbi is pursuing very promising leads. one in particular tonight thanks to the abundance of pictures and videos rounded up in the two days s
change seems to be constant. >>> john yang, nbc news, chicago. >>> we're back in a moment where we were at this very moment ten years ago tonight plus a big change coming to the national spelling bee. >>> concussions by night and flashes. a lot of noise and light in the distance. this will be slow going mile by mile. >> that's where we were at this very moment ten years ago tonight reporting by flashlight. our first broadcast from baghdad during the invasion crouched down next to an army vehicle in what was still called saddam hussein international airport while the fighting and the invasion went on. we were not supposed to be the first team into baghdad for nbc news. that was supposed to be our friend david blume who died three days earlier of deep vein thrombosis due to living in the confined space during the convoy. while the fighting was still going on around us when we arrived at the airport that night, that was the day american tv viewers saw the statue come down in baghdad on live tv. it looked joyous. a lot of people took it as a sign of a successful invasion. >>> a first of its
, nbc news, capitol hill. >>> and still ahead for us tonight, the invasion on its way for spring, billions of them uninvited guests about to make a whole lot of noise and trouble. >>> and later, high drama at the louvre in paris, a big problem that has the folks who work there fed up and a world famous museum has been shut down. >>> seems like we say something like this every year and some years, sadly it comes true. the annual atlantic hurricane forecast is out from colorado state university. it's bad. it calls for 18 tropical storms, nine full-on hurricanes. last year's forecast was well below what actually happened, which we all know included hurricane sandy in october. it killed dozens of people, caused billions in damage and ripped up the coastline which remains crippled in parts to this day. in those dark days of the aftermath of this past storm season, you could hear people asking, what's next? pestulants? locusts? well, close, how about cicadas. they hibernate underground and they only come out every 17 years, and that would be right now. just when we thought nature had n
is the chief foreign correspondent for nbc news until jimmy fallon takes over in 2014. please welcome richard engel! ( cheers and applause ) a it's good to see you again. all right, all right. you are the peabody and emmy award-winning chief foreign correspondent for nbc news. also of author of two books and a recent article called "the hostage" in "vanity fair" magazine, talking about when you were taken hospital in syria. where have you just come back from? >> south korea. i just got off the plane today. >> stephen: really? how do they see the tension in the korean peninsula? over here we're looking at that kim-- kim jungun as like the crazy cousin who talks, you know, when he comes to thanksgiving dinner and says, i've got nuclear weapons." >> i hate when that happens. >> stephen: are they scared over there? >> on a day-to-day basis, not at all. you see people who are very casual. they are going about their business. nothing was closed. children were going to school. over the long term, they're very worried. over the long term this is the biggest strategic threat south korea faces. >> st
. i'm chris pollone, now, back to you. >>> nbc news is reporting the suspects are brothers from russia near the region close to chechnya. a 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev. the surviving suspect is this guy on the right here, 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev. the two had been living in this country for at least ten years. the fbi released video and pictures of the suspects seen carrying backpacks believed to have contain explosives. the man in the dark cap is dead. the man in the white hat is still at-large >>> we are hearing from an eyewitness in watertown. andrew kitzenberg being evacuated from his home. he said he saw two men taking cover behind an suv firing shots at officer 70-80 yards down the street. he also saw the men using explosives. >> i was about 35, 40 feet away. it looked to resemble a pressure cooker, what i've seen from other pictures online in the last few days. i saw them light this bomb. they threw it toward the officers. it only got maybe 15-20 yards down. it wasn't very close to the officers. it really created a significant decoy. there was smoke that covered our entir
nbc news that they are looking for evidence here on the suspects here at home and also following up on leads overseas. authorities have been operating on the theory the suspects acted alone and also say they are not ruling anything out. >> investigators say they are still looking into all possibilities in the boston bombing case, including tracking possible leads on the two bombing suspects here at home and overseas. authorities confirm the brothers' mother was placed on a u.s. government terrorism database 18 months before the bombings because of her son tamerlan. the list consists of hundreds of thousands of names, but being added to the list doesn't mean proof of terrorist activity. a u.s. official tells nbc news russian authorities passed along information to the cia stating both tamerlan and his mother were showing signs of increasing radicalization. >> they are already talking about we are terrorists. i am terrorist. >> reporter: accusation the mother denied. meanwhile, msnnbc news says tha the attention was focused on the stolen suv. now they are looking at a second vehicle,
, nbc news, washington. >> more than 11 years after the september 11 attacks new york city officials say they have uncovered another piece of evidence from one of the planes. police say this piece of debris with a boeing identification number was found wedged between two buildings not far from the world trade center. the piece is 5 feet long and four feet wide discovered by a company doing a soil survey this past week. it's believed to be part of the landing gear from one of the two planes that hit the towers. and new york officials have cordoned off the area and plan to do a thorough search. critics say it proves the point that the city mismanaged the cleanup after the attacks. >> the taliban announced plans to launch a new spring offensive in afghanistan starting this weekend and today a nato plane crashed killing four people. in an interview with the associated press a taliban spokesman said the group is planning suicide attacks on foreign military bases and diplomatic areas and more insider attacks on u.s. and coalition forces. the move is in an effort to gain power ahead of next yea
, this morning officials tell nbc news he's awake and using pen and paper to answer questions from investigators. all of this as the fbi says it has obtained surveillance footage showing tsarnaev putting down his backpack near the finish line just minutes before the explosion. massachusetts governor deval patrick says he's been briefed on the footage. >> the suspect took the backpack off, put it down, did not react when the first explosion went off and then moved away from the backpack in time for the second explosion, so pretty clear about his involvement and pretty chilling, frankly. >> all right, so while we wait on that video, i want you to look at these new infrared images released showing the final intense moments of the manhunt. stun grenades just exploded as police moved in to capture the 19-year-old, and it capped a nearly four-day search for dzhokhar and his older brother, tamerlan, and while the nation was reeling, we are getting word this morning that the brothers actually carried on with their normal lives. dzhokhar was seen working out at a college gym the day after the bombings wh
follow in the foot steps of her grandfather. nbc news confirming she will soon be tapped to be the next u.s. ambassador to japan. >>> new jersey governor chris christie has signed a bill banning children under 17 using tanning beds. that move comes after the now-notorious case of the so-called tan mom who allegedly brought her 5-year-old daughter into a tanning booth. >>> the white house got in on an april fools' joke after what was called a special message from the president. turned out to be a small message. 9-year-old robbie novak known online as kid president returned to make an appearance in the briefing room. >>> in health news for you now, including fish in your diet could lead to a long, healthy life. harvard researchers studied levels of omega 3 fatty acids in the blood of nearly 3,000 older adults and found those with the highest omega 3 levels had a 27% lower risk of death overall. and 35% lower risk of death from heart disease. people who wasn't from zero fish intake to two to three servings per week saw the biggest benefit. >>> "early today" health is brought to you by vagisi
congressional aid gabe zimmerman killed in the tucson shootings in 2011. on the next "washington journal," nbc news senior political editor mark murray looks at the potential political impact of the bombings in boston and what's ahead for congressional action on guns and immigration. ill braniff, director of the anti-terrorism group talks about terrorism. and a report on torture by the united states. "washington journal," live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> the f-35 is the most expensive weapons system in the history of the united states. history of mankind, quite frankly. it is an advanced warplane, a fighter jet that is to be used by the air force, the navy and the marine kerp. it's the replacement for the f-16 for the air force, for a number of other planes for the marines and navy. supposed to be our new, advanced, all-purpose fighter jet. it was a plane that was supposed to be in the skies fighting now. still in development. it's an incredibly troubled program. it's a program that has gone tens of billions of dollars over budget and i burrowed into this program as a way to write about
gutierrez. after that, legislation. this morning, nbc news senior political editor mark murray looks at the potential political impact of the bombings in boston. on what is ahead on congressional action for guns. the executive director of the national consortium for terrorism and responses to terrorism. he talks about his group of the studies about how often americans think about terrorism. and ken eiler from the constitution process discusses the group's recent report on torture by the united states. "washington journal" is next. ♪ good morning. in washington this week, the debate over immigration will continue in the u.s. senate. another round of hearings in the senate to did she or he committee senate also debating whether states could be allowed to collect sales taxes. expect a vote on the president's choice to head up the office of management and budget. silvio burrell coming up -- .ylvia burwell expecting your more questions questions into the boston marathon bombings and the ongoing federal investigation. it is sunday, april 21.
along the way. >> there's something wrong. >> reporter: chris jansing, nbc news, new york. >> we'll take a break. we're back in a moment with what the president said today a politician should never do. >>> president obama was presenting the naval academy football team with the commander in chief's trophy -- something about beating army -- when they presented him with a tricked out specially fitted football helmet, but he didn't take the bait, didn't put it on and at least he explained why. >> here's the general rule. you don't put stuff on your head if you're president. [ laughter ] that's politics 101. you never look good wearing something on your head. >> the example that comes quickly to mind, michael dukakis in the tank. it has haunted politicians for generations ever since. >>> baseball fights are usually a lot like mardi gras in new orleans. there is a big pile of people, a lot of swinging, but nobody really gets hurt except for last night. vince scully had the call as the padres and dodgers went at it. somebody did get hurt. the dodgers' $147 million pitcher zach grenke got his co
, nbc bay area news. >> in front of john goldman's house. a light-hearted coming by the president during today's lunge is getting a lot of buzz. especially on social media. mr. obama praised his long time friend and ally, california attorney general kamala harris. in front of the group of about 250 people, the president described harris as brilliant, dedicated, and tough. he then added, she is, quote, by far the best attorney general in the country. the audience, including miss harris, laughed, but online many questioned why the president even mentioned her looks and they're asking if he would have done the same if the attorney general was a man of not everyone was critical. a male blogger for the "washington post" wrote that the president, quote sporks the god's honest truth and everyone should just lighten up. we reached out to attorney general harris who was not available for comment. >>> today was the day we were supposed to see the first facebook phone. maybe. facebook did roll out something new today. our tech reporter scott budman spent the day at the headquarters and he joins us
, contrary to earlier reports, there were no other unexploded devices at the scene. nbc news is also reporting that officials are studying surveillance video and have focused on one piece of tape showing an unidentified person carrying two back pacs. too early to know if it may be related to the blasts. overnight, law enforcement officials searched an apartment in northern boston massachusetts, police could be seen removing things from the residence, but nothing of interest was found. the home belonged to a 20-year-old man here on a student visa who sustained burns and was seen running from the blast. a senior law enforcement cautioned nbc news that the man is not a suspect and the interest in him is fading. >>> internet chatter has been ruled out. one terrorist group, the pakistani taliban, behind the failed times square bombing of 2010 have told police it is not responsible. and police are on the lookout for a man seen leaving the scene in a dark piece of clothing and a rental truck scene attempting to entry the area near the finish line. msnbc contributor joy reid and joining us f
news. >>> chemical fires are some of the very hardest to fight. nbc bay area's bob redell just spoke with a fire chief on the peninsula who has experience with these particular fires. he joins us live from the newsroom. it's possible that one can make the situation worse when fighting a chemical blast. >> you are correct, especially considering the chemical involved in yesterday's fire. turns out, it doesn't react well at all with father, which is obviously what firefighters were relying on to put out the flames. menlo park fire chief who's talked about the texas city fertilizer explosion that killed hundreds in the 1940s believes yesterday's disaster will become another one for the textbooks. he has questions about how firefighters responded to the fire. >> did they make it better or worse? >> reporter: that plant reportedly stored tens of thousands of pounds of a type of ammonia, extremely flammable and explosive when exposed to water. >> with that type of ammonia, if you add water, it's going to expand to a large, white vapor cloud. did that create a different problem for them tha
, especially in iraq and in syria, and called for an easing of tensions in the korean peninsula. nbc news, st. peter's square. >>> like many christians around the nation, the first family attended easter services at a church near the white house today. president obama, first lady michelle, and sasha and malia made the short walk across lafayette park to st. john's episcopal church. the obamas sat in a pew nine rows back from the altar which carries a small brass plaque designating it as the president's pew. according to a spokesman for st. john's, every president since james madison has worshipped right there. >>> next at 5, as things heat up between north and south korea, why north korean officials announced today their nuclear program is the country's life. >> i'm scott budman on the eve of a chp crackdown on texting and driving. we found a piece of technology that might keep you safe. >>> a horrific injury cast a dark cloud over an ncaa basketball tournament game today. we'll have an updays on the player's condition. >>> one of north korea's top decision-making bodies is calling new cler w
on thursday to be by his side. reporting live in martinez, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much, jodi. many of us were asked by our kids the kind of questions that can leave a parent really without words. we often feel powerless to answer their inquiries. the most important question, who would do this and why would someone do this and am i safe. coming up, frank talk about how you should be responding and it's advice for you, your family that could help you get a little comfort. we'll have it for you tonight at 6:00. we se to stay with nbc bay area for the latest on this terror in boston. of course you can stay up to date with the newest information on our website, >>> 911 knocked out. tonight worries the vandalism could cause slower emergency response time in santa clara county. arturo santiago is live with the very latest. we've learned that the two cases are related. >> reporter: yes. santa clara county sheriff, lori smith, was out here just a few minutes ago and she says that at&t fiber optic lines being cut and gunshots being fired at a pg&e power su
, nbc news, los angeles. >> other reaction from the sports world was mixed with one popular radio host calling it a nonstory. >> i really don't care. it means less than nothing to me that there's a gay player now out in the nba. there are plenty of gay people in america. you got to figure some of them are playing sports. >>> and while reaction has been mostly positive even prompting a phone call from president obama saying he was impressed by collins' courage, espn's chris broussard from "outside the lines." >> i believe that's walking open rebellion to god and jesus christ. >> espn later apologized and said the comments was a distraction. also saying why he picked number 98 for his jersey. 98 representing the year that matthew shepard was killed in one of the country's most infamous gay hate crimes. shepard's mother, judy, says that news made her cry and was honored. >>> turning to boston marathon bombing investigation fbi agents visited tamerlan tsarnaev's widow monday, leaving with several bags of material. catherine russell is staying at her parents' house in rhode island. official
as for hacking into cbs' "60 minutes" twitter account over the weekend. the nbc news twitter account was hacked two years ago days before the anniversary of 9/11. and a false tweet was put out about an attack and hijacking. today the stock market recovered but with a new sense of just how vulnerable and jittery we are. >> to have that kind of impact from a 140-character tweet that actually unnerves the entire global system beginning with the stock market, that's actually quite significant. >> reporter: an s.e.c. official says the stock exchanges will know who profited and who lost from today's gyrations. the secret service says it's aware of the incident and will monitor it and follow up appropriately. >> lisa myers, unbelievable turn of events today. lisa, thanks. >>> we're back with the handshake mistake that caused something of an international incident. >>> concert goers in argentina over the weekend would have been forgiven for thinking it was part of a pyrotechnics show. there it was. until they realized it was not. in the distance starting out as a bright streak before lighting up the sk
for. nbc news capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell reports. >> reporter: snapshots of fallen children and students of newtown inside the gnat senate. outside the capitol a 23 hour vigil reading gun victims' names. >> jamie stafford at the age of 31. >> reporter: crosses to remember them on the national mall and family members here to witness the vote. >> we are standing here because her sister and my mom can't be. and their voices need to be heard. >> reporter: under that emotion-fueled pressure, expectations shifted. >> literally the political landscape of america on gun safety is changing before our eyes. >> the motion is agreed to. >> reporter: senators took one small but significant step, opening what will likely be weeks of heated debate over gun laws and violence in our culture. 16 republicans voted to begin that contentious negotiation. >> it goes way beyond guns. and that's why we need to have the debate. >> reporter: to red state democrats up for re-election next year including alaska's mark begich. voted against taking up a guns bill. >> i vote what's important for
. a lot of development this evening. >>> this is an nbc news special report. >>> in new york, at least one person has been taken into custody after a night of violence in watertown, massachusetts, just outside of boston. witnesses report hearing at least three explosions and a massive exchange of gunfire between at least two suspects and a number of law enforcement officers. i want to go now to nbc news justice correspondent pete williams live in d.c. with new information on this. pete, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, the obvious question is, is all of this violence tonight related to the bombings in boston and the fact that several hours ago, the fbi released pictures of individuals they were eager to talk to, they believed were involved in monday's bombing. several things to keep clear here, number one, we're told by authorities that what is unfolding tonight in boston did not start with the fbi trying to arrest someone. that is not what started this. but there are at least three reasons to think that what's happening here is related to the boston bombings. number one, we knew t
the marathon. >> counterterrorism officials tell nbc news that multiple explosive devices were found timed to go off at the height of the marathon. we're expecting to hear from the president at 6:10 in just a few minutes. d.c.'s mayor and police chief -- police officials are also holding a news conference shortly. we will have live coverage of both. first news4's aaron gilchrist has the latest on what we know right now from our live desk. >> let me start with this talk about a potential suspect in this case. we have been reporting earlier from nbc news that officials in boston are guarding a wounded man at a boston hospital as a, quote, possible suspect. the commissioner in boston saying no one is in custody per se and they are questioning several people. one of our reporters in boston at our affiliate whdh reporting that there is a heavy fbi and atf presence at brigham and women's hospital. police with automatic weapons guarding the entrance at that hospital. but police are telling us they are not officially holding a suspect in this case right now. we want to explain exactly what we know
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